Our Team


Jet Pro Tool came about due to the frustrations of two different people. One is an eCommerce manager frustrated with the amount of time and headache involved in simply listing products. Recognizing the impact this will have on businesses, an idea formulates. The other, a developer who seeks to provide solutions programatically to common business problems. Working seperately, they met and began to collaborate, refining the software to meet the expectations of the vision while keeping it simple and lightweight.

Jet Pro Tool is made up of many people & specialties. In putting together the company, we did what we do in other companies, we sought out the best in their specific fields. Each with their own small part to bring together as a whole in our concept and vision. Keep an eye on our upcoming guest posts on our blog, where we will give a voice to the many different disciplines that go into Jet Pro Tool.

Joe Reichsfeld

CoFounder, Account Management

Joe Reichsfeld is an eCommerce consultant, manager and marketer with over 30 years of solid business management. With over 17 years of eCommerce and Internet marketing, has seen the industry change many times over into what it is today. He uses his knowledge and experience to help others. He professionally helps small and medium sized businesses cope with the ever changing technology and standards of doing business on the web. Successfully managing and assisting getting multiple businesses over the million dollar in sales mark on multiple eCommerce platforms including Amazon and eBay.

As a single parent, Joe had his hands full with his family and while staying on top of a rapidly changing landscape. However, his focus stayed the same. Take advantage of technology to help small and medium sized businesses excel in eCommerce and compete in places they never imagined having an opportunity to compete in. Outside of work he donates time to teach others about technology and how to use it efficiently accomplishing what they are seeking to do. He loves the outdoors and enjoys 4Wheeling with his sons, exploring Arizona's secrets and woodworking.

Dilip Soni

Cofounder, Lead Developer

Dilip Soni is a conscientious software developer at the Masters level in Computer Science at Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, India. Software Development and discovering solutions for everyday business problems has been his passion for many years. Everywhere he has gone for school and work he has excelled in seeking out common issues that can be solved through software programming and manipulating codes. He enjoys entering contests whenever he can to test his skills against himself and others, routinely coming out the winner at the end.

Dilip has extensive experience within the area of Ecommerce integration. He has developed tools and software for integration projects for several major Ecommerce platforms including Walmart, eBay, Shopify and most recently embarking into this business partnership building and growing the Jet Pro Tool.

As a developer, he creates and manipulates codes when he is working alone and flourishes as the lead and experienced guide when collaborating as a group. He takes great pride in knowing that he has developed many solutions to common business problems that are in use by many people making their daily routine a bit easier to perform.



Due to unyielding growth, Jet Pro Api is accepting resumes for the positions listed below.


Junior developers, specifically with experience in eCommerce integration and programming in Java.

Data Specialists

We always have a need for people skilled in data manipulation, product listing, and description creation. Adword experience & SEO Copywriting are additional skills that we are looking for.


Specifically right now we are looking for remote marketing people looking to make some extra income. We need people to market our product to the different eCommerce Seller groups that meet around the country.