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  • account manager
  • One simple interface
  • Create, upload and post new items
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  • Acknowledge and upload all details - orders, shipping, returns, status
  • Retrieve, process & edit all account details
  • Runs on any operating system
  • Free lifetime updates

Introduction, is a next generation marketplace focused on transparency, value and control for both buyers and sellers. Within one month, Jet became the 4th largest marketplace on the web. Portrayed as Amazon Prime without the fees, Jet obviously has the capability of surpassing both Amazon and eBay.

Already selling on Amazon or eBay? Why aren't you on Jet? Jet does not offer a back-end product management UI to sellers, only their Api. The Jet Pro Tool is an All-In-One back-end UI, integration software for Api. For Jet sellers, it gives complete control over your entire eCommerce portal.


Created by Sellers for other Sellers, the Jet Pro Tool was formed following basic principles.

  • Easy to use
  • Operating System independent
  • An All-In-One tool
  • No monthly fees and subscriptions
  • Full user control of their data
  • Provide support and documentation
  • Create community for learning


Jet's Api is still growing and changing. The Jet Pro Tool is changing and growing with it. As Jet rolls out new features, we roll out updates, training and documentation. Your purchase of the Jet Pro Tool includes free updates for the life of your license. We also have integration software plug-ins. Shopify, Shipworks and eBay integration is currently in beta testing.


Purchase the Jet Pro Tool today. We will format your feed, meeting their specific requirements, and work to get your products through the Jet review process efficiently. Once in review, we teach you how to use the tool and set you up for success with our fully featured support portal which will include a community forum, documentation, & videos.

the integration software


Jet Pro Tool is a lightweight, free standing, operating system independent, integration software solution. It communicates directly with and handles all of your order and Jet product feed management.

    • Jet Taxomony

    • Main Product Screen

    • Bulk Upload Item Details

    • Create/Edit Single Product

    • Order Retrieval

Testimonials & Clients


The Jet Pro tool has been in use for over 6 months and combined the businesses using it have over 31,000 skus on Jet. Read what they have to say about their experiences with it.

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    With almost 30000 skus ourselves, the Jet Pro Tool has become an invaluable asset to the ongoing success of our business.

    Peter Stron / Vegan Holiday Cosmetics

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    We've watched the Jet Pro Tool go from a simple listing tool to an all-in-one product management solution which handles all of our interactions with the Interface.

    Tim Lawler / PaceSetter Performance

Features & Benefits



The Jet Pro Tool gives you the ability to work on everything from your product listing, to orders, to shipping tracking numbers on an indivual basis, by groups or by bulk. All individual operations are performed from directly within the software. All group and bulk operations are performed using excel spreadsheets tha are loaded into the software for upload to Jet. The software accepts .xlsx files as there is no need to convert to csv. You determine what works best for you and you can go back and forth with out changing any settings.

You have full control over how much data is going back and forth between your computer and the api. As soon as the data is synced, it is disconnected saving you bandwidth and adding security to your information. Update listings, add items, change inventory amounts, archive items, process shipments and then sync. Within seconds you are 100% current with Jet. Coming Soon to the Jet Pro Tool is a small tray applet that will poll your Jet account regularly and alert you to new orders

The Jet Api is still an immature framework that is growing and changing as jet expands operations. What does that mean for sellers? Potentially a lot of headaches and issues. The Jet Pro Tool updates itself every-time you run it. We post updates regularly, multiple times in one day if necessary as Jet updates it's platform and api. Your Jet Pro Tool license enables free updates for the life of your license and gets renewed when you renew your license.


Ease of Use

The framework functions fairly simply. Your run your store on your computer. All of your data, sales & order information, is all stored on your computer, 100% up to date as of the last time you synced data with the api. Except for the short setup period while the professionals at Jet Pro Tool format and load your initial feed, your data, sales and revenue numbers, market intelligence all reside on your computer and Jet's servers only.

Our Techs Set Up Your feed

From the time you start until your products are in the Jet review queue, we do all of the work required to get you there. Simply provide us with a data export of your products and images and our listing specialists format it for Jet. During this time, we work with you on pricing to ensure you understand the process and price products accordingly. Once completed, first we review, then test, and finally upload to jet for addition to the review queue.

Support & Experience

Your Jet Pro Tool software includes free updates for the life of your license. As Jet introduces new features, we update the software, documentation, training and provide you the support needed to update your processes. With over 20 years of eCommerce selling and programming experience just between the founders, we are able to give a unique perspective on how these systems work and the best way to maximize sales,